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Energy Efficiency and Environmental Awareness in Retail

Current events in the frozen food industry show that energy efficiency and environmental awareness are increasingly important. Old refrigerators need to be replaced with more efficient cooling equipment and it is the retail industry who needs to take action.

The demands of food retailers are constantly growing. Selling is no longer the only goal. The way stores are presented to the outside world, the internal environment and the campaigns around certain products should become a “worry-free full package”.

In this era in which the “Fridays for Future” movement is promoting ideas regarding climate activism, no one can turn a blind eye to the consequences of climate change. And the retail industry needs to act accordingly. It is time to make environmentally-sustainable investments. Old refrigeration units need to be replaced with new energy-saving units.


More efficient refrigerators 

Closed refrigerated shelves or freezers are recommended. Doors ensure that the cold stays inside and is not lost in the environment. But the design of product display becomes once again a central issue: customers should be able to quickly orient themselves and find the product they need without keeping the doors of the refrigerator open. Pusher-POP / POS Tuning provides a solution to this problem: their C130 pushers for refrigerators.

Pusher-POP’s C130 system is specially designed for refrigerators. It improves product visibility, it organizes the shelf and it saves restocking time. In that way, the time the door stays open is reduced and energy is saved.

Besides, there are new technologies that allow retailers to further optimize the energy efficiency of their refrigerators. Smart Fridge is a product developed by Pusher-POP Smart and Sensify, two companies that design technology for the point of sale.

Smart Fridge connects cooling equipment to smart sensors that monitor the traceability of the cold chain in refrigerated products in real-time. It controls variables such as temperature, humidity, energy consumption, compressors and doors, among others. Through a web platform, users can visualize the variables and the graphs of the information. Devices give customers the possibility of setting alerts according to their needs to prevent problems in the cooling devices and thus avoid large economic losses and prevent food spoilage.

It is time to become aware of these issues and act. Any retailer that has not updated their cooling equipment has the opportunity to incorporate pushers and monitoring sensor systems in their stores. In many cases, it is convenient to replace the cooling equipment instead of adapting the current ones. Therefore, we recommend retailers to consider the installation of smart refrigerators such as Smart Fridge.


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