The Eighth Dimension: Euroshop 2020


The latest news in the industry, the new technologies, the latest experiments and the most radical marketing will meet at Euroshop 2020, the no. 1 international retail fair, which will take place from February 16 to February 20 in Düsseldorf, Germany. For five days, there will be an exchange between the major figures of the industry and attendants will have the possibility to know what is coming and what the retail tendencies are. Euroshop also proposes eight “dimensions” to give visitors a “more flexible frame, with greater freedom to present what their latest developments and innovative products,” announced the organizers.

“There are many fairs around the world related in some way or another with the retail industry and points of sale. Many are carried out in the United States: Global Shop, as well as POPAI. Another one is London Retail, or even
EUROCIS, dedicated to technology, among many others. But Euroshop is held every three years to present what will happen in the universe of retail in the following three years,” states Leonardo Llalen, Director of Pusher-POP in Argentina, a company that offers technological solutions to increase efficiency in the point of sale and one of the brands that will take part in the next edition of Euroshop.

What else will you see in the greatest event of the retail industry? A three dimensional tour of the fair that no one wants to miss.

Experiencing Novelty

This expo is scheduled for 2020 and is expected to receive more than 113,906 visitors, which was the number of people who participated from the last edition three years ago. This new edition proposes an approach to the industry from eight “dimensions”: Shop Fitting & Store Design (retail aesthetics), Retail Marketing, Lightning, Technology, Expo & Event Marketing, Visual Merchandising, Food Service Equipment (all related to food solutions) and Refrigeration & Energy Management (refrigeration and automation of buildings). Each of these areas will turn into a fierce competition between the most relevant contestants in the market.

Shop Fitting & Store Design will feature the best architects and designers who
will enter a duel with their developments to maximize sales through new
aesthetic, visual and experimental ways of presenting (and embellishing) stores and products.

Staging resembling more a theatrical proposal than a store, state-of-the-art LED screens, mannequins that go beyond any “standard” form and even the possibility of interacting with screens that provide information about the product or recommendations. The space dedicated to Retail Marketing is another section that cannot be missed. It will surprise visitors with “the most attractive and fascinating facilities for the point of sale”, the place where consumers decide what to buy.

“Smart, emotional, flexible”. Illumination will be another key element of this event and it promises to leave visitors speechless with the latest LED technologies to “light up” important areas, such as checkout lines and shelves.

Technology, one of the main protagonists, will have a special place in Euroshop to allow visitors to try the latest news: new payment systems, software and mobile solutions, among other  innovations.

Brand communication and design are also two pillars of a good retail. How can these tools be maximized to increase and improve sales? How can shopping experiences be turned into “pleasurable” experiences? This dimension will answer these questions and many more.

Visual Merchandising will be a must for attendees as it will show them how to tell a “good story to stimulate customers’ imagination”. And the dimensions dedicated to the food industry, energy management and refrigeration will show the sustainable trends that are going strong in the industry: “smart” refrigeration, modern cooking and baking stations, the most advanced equipment, etc.

Beyond the Fair

New materials to build a store, the most efficient elements to transport products within a store, robots to control planograms, gondolas that display products as real gems, and the latest smart technologies for shoppers and retailers. There is no doubt that this fair will be in everyone’s radar (and will get a big round of applause). However, what is really enriching about this meeting is hallway conversations, “in every pavilion,” says Llalen, and he adds that “the perspective of taking distance from the business itself is combined with the most efficient and innovative ways of thinking about the new era of retail”.

For those who decide to satisfy all their curiosity, outside the fair there is a lot to see as well. Düsseldorf is well known for hosting 25 international fairs. It is also “Europe’s third strongest economic region,” according to the Euroshop website. Many take advantage of the visit to the event to become deeply acquainted with one of the greatest business metropolis.

Pusher-POP/ POS Tuning, based in Bad Salzuflen, Germany, invites visitors to maximize their experience: with the help of experts, they can learn about the best retails of the country hosting Euroshop, experience how shopping at a “store of the future” feels like at the GS1 Center in Köln, take part in a workshop to learn how to improve visibility and efficiency in the gondola and even take a tour of the POS-Tuning factory.

Suitcase in hand. Euroshop 2020 is a true journey to the future of retail and no one wants to miss the flight. For more information and the countdown for the fair, visit

To learn more about Pusher-POP/ POS-Tuning and their proposal for Euroshop 2020, visit

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