Shelf care – To pull your hair out or absolutely easy?


A woman is in the shower in the morning and her favourite shampoo is empty. What now? Use your partner’s shampoo as an exception and jump into the supermarket on your way to work to get supplies. “Quick” is the magic word, because time is short in the morning. It’s annoying when the shampoo can’t be found on the supermarket shelf. The customer doesn’t care whether she doesn’t get the product she wants because it hasn’t been refilled, because it hasn’t been delivered or because it’s hidden in the back of the shelf. It does not exist, which means that the decision is made either on an alternative of the product or the supermarket. Losing a customer for this reason is extremely annoying for both the manufacturer and the retailer. Especially if it was really just that the product was actually there, but not in the customer’s field of vision. What is not visible cannot be bought. This means that impulse purchases do not take place either.

Customers want quick orientation on the shelf

The importance of good shelf care has not only been known since yesterday. But in many stores you still find untidy shelves. Who wants to spend hours in front of the shelves looking for the type of shampoo they want? With the variety of products, the customer is quickly overwhelmed. Brand loyal customers want to find the product quickly and buyers who tend to change their shampoo regularly also want to get a quick overview. Of course, brand manufacturers also have a duty here and must design good product packaging. The better the recognition value and the more striking other products are, the faster you can find the product you are looking for. But the store cannot pull itself from responsibility and must provide for a good orientation at the shelf.

Shelf care is far too complex

For retailers, shelf maintenance means a lot of work. Daily work for ensuring the front-facing of the products, sometimes even several times a day, requires a high personnel expenditure. This is a thorn in the side of the store. Employees could invest this time much better in important things such as customer service. Particularly in times of increasing online trade, the advantages of the stationary POS, personal customer service on site and the immediate availability of the products, should be the focus of attention.

It can be so simple

Why is it so hard for so many people? There are already good solutions on the market that provide the best remedy. The example of the brand manufacturer Beiersdorf together with POS TUNING shows how easy it can be. The well-known problem existed in various drugstores: the products were poorly visible because some of them were located at the back of the shelf or on the lower shelves. In addition, the stability of some products was not optimal because some of them tipped over. With a special channel system including pushfeed, the problem was solved right away. The products were stable and the best thing about them was that they were automatically pushed forward by the installed pushfeed systems. This not only pleased Beiersdorf, but also the drugstores.

With a pushfeed, the turnover in the category increases

The sales result was also convincing for all parties involved. In four test markets, turnover of Nivea hair care products increased by 23.6% year-on-year after just four months. The roll-out started soon. In the meantime, 185 drugstores in the hair care sector have already been equipped with the POS TUNING System.

Orientation also for employees

In addition, a label card with an image of the product was attached to the push feed, which is provided at this place on the shelf. This image only appears when the shelf is empty and the pushfeed has reached the frontmost position on the shelf. This way, the store employee knows immediately which product is missing and can see immediately where each shampoo belongs. This can also have advantages for the brand manufacturer, as the planogram and shelf arrangement will remain in place for the long term. And also for the customer who is looking for her shampoo in the supermarket, it is clear at that moment that the product is normally available here, the shelf is only empty at the moment. Surely at that moment she turns to the store staff and doesn’t leave the market disappointed.

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