Reimagining the role of the retail merchant


The role of retail merchant is reinvented by using automation to reduce mundane, data driven tasks and provide predictive insights.

Maximize your merchandising function

Future Operating Model, Talent and Teaming.
Traditional retail capabilities, teams, and mindsets and skills are redesigned to create the necessary speed and agility to serve today’s customers.

Redefine the Portfolio Strategy Using Insights.
Unite offerings, customer experiences and engagement by redeveloping the portfolio strategy using analytical insights in a profitable manner.

Agile Product Development.
Enrich the ability to design, create, and commercialize the most relevant product for the consumer in a nimble, responsive and seasonless manner.

Localized Assortment and Inventory Placement.
Maximize precision planning and assortment and inventory allocation with customer preferences and respond quicker to trends.

Price and Promotion Optimization.
Maximize impact of pricing and promo decisions through enhanced forecasting and machine learning simulations.

Master Data Management, Governance & Intelligence.
Empower teams with automated item onboarding and intelligent attribution capabilities, supported by strong data governance.

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